Bennelong Point, New South Wales

24 10 2011


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18 11 2010

Some renderings

2 11 2010

r e p r a p s t u d i o –

18 08 2010
Digital fabrication is becoming increasingly important within the construction industry, following in the footsteps of the Aerospace, Automotive and Shipbuilding industries. 3D printing is being scaled up to fabricate full-scale buildings, this will dramatically change the way that architecture will be realised in the near future.
As these techniques are being scaled up, rapid prototyping is becoming more accessible. A new generation of open source 3D printers has been developed, that can be built at home or in the office and print objects at a fraction of the cost of commercial 3D printers.
A Master of Architecture elective run by James Gardiner at the University of Technology, Sydney will focus on assembling two Reprap Mendel machines for student use. Through this process students will develop a hands on understanding of 3D printing technologies, experiment with the machines and collaboratively develop machine enhancements.

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30 06 2010

Some old renderings

18 11 2009

DS: Urban Intervention / Cooks River developement

18 11 2009

Some images